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is to prevent it...

Haermonics, pure at heart

Every day 250 patients die from postoperative heart surgery complications caused by residual blood and clots in the pericardial cavity. Complications that could have been easily prevented.

At Haermonics, we’ve developed an innovative flush-therapy that promises to make such complications a thing of the past.

Designed by a leading heart surgeon, rarely does something this simple, this effective… have such impact.

The Haermonics Laebroides®

“Why should surgeons accept working under 19th century conditions, putting our patients on a drainage system that is essentially the same as the system invented a century and a half ago…with all the risk and uncertainty that it brings?

I was really tired of all of this. It is not necessary.

So I developed a drainage system that brings us into the 21st century: The Haermonics Laebroides®. A simple, but highly effective device that continuously flushes and cleans the pericardial space, preventing complications from ever arising in the first place.

No more unevacuated blood and clots leading to a growing hematoma around the heart! With the Laebroides you get real time data, giving you insight and peace-of-mind, knowing that a simple flush is preventing complications and an unnecessary re-operation.

And it works. Really well. Our randomised trials with 160 flushed patients have seen 0 unnecessary reoperations.”

“There is no successful heart surgery
without successful post-operative care”

David R. Koolbergen, M.D. Ph.D.

Chief Medical Officer at Haermonics
Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Amsterdam UMC / Leiden UMC

A successful operation with strong vital signs!

How can we be so confident about a product that is not yet available? It’s because we have already done Randomized Clinical Trials with 340 patients (59% reduction in blood loss and ZERO reoperations), and have a patented design which has been tested out in an investigational device. Whereas many products’ true clinical validation comes only after the product is available, the Haermonics Laebroides® offers unusual security in that it has already been clinically validated. We are well on our way to launching – by 2023 – the only solution on the market that prevents post-operative heart surgery complications from happening in the first place.
working principle
investigational device
product impression

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About Haermonics

Haermonics is a clinical stage medtech company that was founded to develop heart surgeon Dave Koolbergen’s innovative idea on how to prevent blood-related complications post open-heart surgery. Representing an enviable amount of expertise and experience, the Haermonics team incorporates discipline, creativity and extensive testing in everything they do. Haermonics’ elegant solution provides surgeons with greater insight, improving patients’ recovery and quality of life, even while reducing hospital and infrastructure costs.

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