About Haermonics

“Does Haermonics really think they can improve on a drainage method that has been with us since 1875?”

That’s exactly what we think.

In fact, after much experimentation and trialing, that’s exactly what we now know.

We are a clinical stage medtech company with an innovative, highly effective flush therapy (the Haermonics Laebroides®) that demonstratively prevents post-operative cardiac surgery complications.

Because sometimes the game has to change.

“Where did the idea for the Haermonics solution come from?”

Quite simply, from Dr David Koolbergen’s frustration at complications, unnecessary re-operations and the constant unease of not having any insight in the post-op hemostatic status of his patients. As he stated, “I was really tired of all of this. It wasn’t necessary.” So Koolbergen set about devising a system that would make his life easier…. while saving time, money, worry and – most importantly – the lives of countless patients.


Of course, Dr Koolbergen could not have brought his vision to life without a stellar multidisciplinary team. This team mixes discipline and rigor with creativity and passion (not to mention an extraordinary degree of testing!) to bring a much-needed solution to market.
Their commitment to increasing the quality-of-life and quality-of-care is directly reflected in their quality-as-team.

core team

Dave Koolbergen
Chief Medical
Wouter Markus
Chief Executive
Luc Koch
Chief Technical
Wanda Meijst
Clinical Trial
Eva Diephuis
Product Owner &
Clinical Researcher
We’re hiring!

We are currently looking for:

If your dream job is not listed here, but you do feel that you can be of important value to the Haermonics team, send your motivation and resume to:

Specialised and trusted advisory board

General advisory board

Prof. Dr. P. Kappetein
Dr. Ir. C. Schaffrath MD
Dr. S. Deckers
Ir. M. Walti MBA

Clinical advisory board

Prof. Dr. P. Kappetein
Dr. B. Brinkman
Dr. V. Bapat
Prof. Dr. T. Folliguet
Prof. Dr. T. Modine
Prof. Dr. R. Klautz
Prof. Dr. T. Fischlein