“It’s not as if you’re saving lives.”

At Haermonics you will be. As a clinical stage medtech company developing innovative therapies to prevent post-operative cardiac surgery complications. What we do matters. What we do actually does save lives. Not a bad motivation to get going every morning.

In fact, every day 250 patients die from postoperative heart surgery complications caused by residual blood and clots in the pericardial cavity. Complications that we can help prevent. That’s why we’re looking to expand our teams with these positions:

Our innovation isn’t even on the market yet… and we’re already saving lives!

We’re happy to say that our PURE-AT-HEART recruitment campaign has raised €2500 for the Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting) and its life-saving research!

And we’re looking forward to some super new Haermonics hires!

Student Job for support FLUID trial – Cardiac surgery

We are a young and dynamic team consisting of doctors from cardiac surgery and employees of Haermonics, a start-up in cardiac surgery. We want to make cardiac surgery cleaner and safer. To achieve this we need you! Every year, approximately 740 patients in the Netherlands lose so much blood after heart surgery that they have to go back to the OR for an unnecessary re-operation. Dave Koolbergen, congenital cardiac surgeon at Amsterdam UMC, location AMC and LUMC, has developed and researched a flushing method (Continuous Postoperative Pericardial Flush, CPPF) to, among other things, reduce this complication.

The flushing method will be performed in the FLUID trial with a newly developed, automated Investigational medical Device (ID). The ID will regulate the inflow and heating of flushing fluid and record pericardial pressure and blood loss. The primary focus will be on the effect of flushing on the number of reoperations.Under the supervision of drs. Eva Diephuis MD, researcher and assistant cardiac surgery of the participating hospital in (LUMC, AMC, Antonius, Catharina), you participate in the FLUID trial, part of the CPPF project.We are looking for students who can contribute to the research 4-10 times a month by building the device, connecting it to the patient in the OR (and experiencing the last hour of the heart surgery) and then for 8 hours guide the process in the ICU and enter research data. Approximately 10 hours of work per participating patient.We are looking for

  • Student in second year of study or further
  • Affinity with cardiac surgery
  • Affinity with innovation and technology

We offer

  • Paid work/learning place of about 12 months, €10/hour
  • Possibility to watch the cardio-surgical OR
  • Deepening in cardiac surgery and medical technology
  • Gain experience with multicenter clinical research

Have we sparked your enthusiasm for this position or do you have further questions?

You can apply by sending an email to Wanda Meijst, for an exploratory meeting, or by calling 06 51412459 or by clicking below to go to our online application form.















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Student Job voor ondersteuning FLUID trial – Cardio chirurgie

Wij zijn een jong en dynamisch team bestaande uit artsen uit de cardiochirurgie en werknemers van Haermonics, een startup in de hartchirurgie. Wij willen hartchirurgie schoner en veiliger maken. Om dit te bereiken hebben we jou nodig! Jaarlijks verliezen ongeveer 740 patiënten in Nederland dusdanig veel bloed na een hartoperatie, dat ze terug moeten naar OK voor een onnodige her-operatie. Dave Koolbergen, congenitaal cardiochirurg in het Amsterdam UMC, locatie AMC en het LUMC, heeft een spoelmethode (Continuous Postoperative Pericardial Flush, CPPF) ontwikkeld en onderzocht om, onder andere, deze complicatie te reduceren.

De spoelmethode zal in de FLUID trial uitgevoerd gaan worden met een nieuw ontwikkeld, geautomatiseerd Investigational medical Device (ID). Het ID zal de inloop en verwarming van spoelvloeistof reguleren en de druk in het pericard en het bloedverlies registreren. Er zal primair gekeken worden naar het effect van de spoeling op het aantal heroperaties.Onder supervisie van drs. Eva Diephuis MD, onderzoekster en een assistent cardiochirurgie van het deelnemende ziekenhuis in (LUMC, AMC, Antonius, Catharina), werk je mee aan de FLUID trial, onderdeel van het CPPF project.We zijn op zoek naar studenten die 4-10 x per maand kunnen bijdragen aan het onderzoek door het apparaat op te bouwen, aan te sluiten aan de patiënt op OK (en hiermee laatste uur van de hartoperatie mee te maken) en vervolgens gedurende 8 uur het proces op de IC te begeleiden en onderzoeksgegevens in te voeren. Per deelnemende patiënt ongeveer 10 uur werk.

Wij zoeken

  • Student in tweede studiejaar of verder
  • Affiniteit met cardiochirurgie
  • Affiniteit met innovatie en techniek

Wij bieden

  • Betaalde werk/leer plek van ongeveer 12 maanden, €10/uur
  • Mogelijkheid tot meekijken op de cardio-chirurgische OK
  • Verdieping in hartchirurgie en medische technologie
  • Opdoen van ervaring met multicenter klinisch onderzoek


Ben je enthousiast geworden over deze functie of heb je verdere vragen?

Solliciteren kan door een mail te sturen naar Wanda Meijst, voor een oriënterend gesprek, of te bellen naar 06 51412459, of door hieronder te klikken voor het online sollicitatieformulier.

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Excelling Trainee for International Customer Development Program

As a young and promising start-up company in Eindhoven, Haermonics (a spin-off of Amsterdam UMC) is on short notice looking for a trainee who will be conducting the international market validation study in Germany, France and the USA. The trainee will be conducting interviews at medical professionals (thoracic surgeons, Anesthetists, intensivist and ICU care staff), in order to set the right clinical strategy, to attain the customer proof points and obtain optimal product-market fit.

Download full profile (PDF, 235 kB)


Haermonics has recently attracted 2 new investors, amongst whom BOM capital, a regional investor. In order to prepare itself for the next phase, market introduction, the company is following a “Customer Development Program”. The objective of this strategic program is to determine, within the Decision-Making Unit of their customers and prospects (mainly Thoracic Surgeons, Anesthetists and Intensive Care staff), which segments and customer groups are primary target, what are the product features needed, determine the proof points per customer segment and in the end to determine the go-to-market strategy.

The strategic program is conducted by the CEO and executed by the full team. The BOM, shareholder, is supporting and guiding this program and has in depth knowledge of the program to share. During this program, many interviews with doctors, nurses and other medical staff will need to be executed and a project secretary is needed, for the duration of 3 months. Objective is to start early in February 2022.

The Assignment

The first step in the Customer Development journey has been conducted by the company, together with a trainee Technische Geneeskunde, concentrated on the Netherlands. The conclusion of this first step was a clear problem definition, market segmentation and target segment in the Netherlands. Now, the market has to be validated internationally. Haermonics has chosen Germany, France and the USA as its first market entry points. In these countries, the market has to be validated.

The question is which beachhead applications offer the best opportunity for a successful commercialization, whereby cost savings, outcome improvements and ease of positioning of the solution (to the many stakeholders in the decision process, such as end-users, deciders, influencers, buyers, champions, etc.) in the market are the most likely key drivers. In the first step of the project, two applications will be chosen by the intern in consultation with and subject to approval by a support team, consisting of:

  • CEO of the company, clinical support
  • Business developer of BOM for methodology support

After that, for the three chosen countries, interviews will be conducted with several stakeholders in several hospitals worldwide. During these interviews the customer problems (needs) will be investigated and validated (including the differences in needs between the various stakeholders);

  • the extent to which the device can address the problem
  • the assumptions will be validated and/or a plan will be made to validate these assumptions
  • the differences between the several segments of hospitals and labs is clarified.

Based on this extensive body of evidence, the positioning of the device to the various stakeholders, in the various segments of hospitals and labs, will be defined.


The assignment contains the following elements:

  • Familiarize yourself with the workflow and treatment in hospitals
  • Familiarize yourself with the work done by the previous trainee and build further on the work done – the recommendations is the starting point of this traineeship
  • Investigate for those applications, through desk research, market research and interviews, the customer problems (needs), including the differences in needs between the various stakeholders and the differences between customer segments
  • Describe how device can address these problems and validate the underlying assumptions and/or make a plan to validate these
  • Identify bottlenecks/barriers/opportunities in relation to the current workflow in thoracic surgery and treatment in hospitals
  • Define the positioning of the device to the various stakeholders, in the various segments of hospitals

Profile description

The intern will play a key role in defining the commercialization strategy of the company. He or she will have to interface with the stakeholders in hospitals. Also, he or she has to work closely with the support team as well. We require the person therefore to have the following profile: enthusiasm, eager to learn, team spirit, social and open attitude, stamina, ability to work independently.

Requirements of the trainee

For this role, Haermonics is looking for a strong, excelling Master student, in or close to the master’s phase of her (his) medical related study (BMT, Technische Geneeskunde or Health economics). The candidate should have:

  • excellent social skills;
  • have experience in conducting interviews;
  • have an excellent knowledge of the medical domain, terminology;
  • Think and act on strategic level and execute on work
  • Be able to work independently and always strive for the best
  • Be able to get the concept of our product, work and claims within one week
  • Having performed at least one or two marketing exams, preferably a minor.

We are looking for an overachiever, who is available on short notice and is looking to make the coming holiday period an extremely learnful one.

Background: Interested in the hospitals and surgery environment and its process and in marketing/sales. Knowledge of the healthcare system as well as marketing models is preferred. Level of education: academic.

Language: English – Speech and writing at professional level

Compensation: for a period of 3-6 months — Travel costs with public transport or car reimbursed.

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