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Apply…and save a life!
With Haermonics’ PURE-AT-HEART referral campaign

Even before coming to market with their innovative post cardiac surgery flushing technique, Haermonics is having a positive impact. With their PURE-AT-HEART referral campaign, for every application they receive, they are donating €15 to the Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting) for its life-saving research.

“As a start-up, of course we’re interested in professionals with a start-up mentality, but even more, we’re interested in professionals who really care about saving lives,” declares Wouter Markus, CEO and co-founder of Haermonics. “With this campaign, we’re highlighting that we’re always looking for ways of having a positive impact in our area of expertise….in the research lab, in the marketplace, but also in the recruiting phase.”

In the midst of their FLUID (FLUsh with Investigational Device) clinical trials, the response to their technology has been overwhelmingly positive. Dr. Patrick Klein, Chair of Cardio Thoracic Surgery at St. Antonius in Utrecht declared that “It’s extremely rare nowadays to be able to employ an intervention that is this simple, yet this effective. It’s nothing less than a potential game-changer.” Investors, as well, have been enthusiastic, making significant commitments with both their wallets and their expertise.

So if you’re a professional looking for a position with a promising medical start-up – or think someone in your network might be interested – take a look at Haermonics job openings (and keep an eye open for more positions coming up…!).