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Haermonics Successfully Optimizes Pericardial Flushing Design with Subsidy from Metropoolregio Eindhoven

Haermonics, a clinical-stage MedTech startup, proudly announces the successful optimization of their pericardial flushing design for postoperative care. Thanks to the subsidy provided by Metropoolregio Eindhoven, Haermonics has achieved groundbreaking advancements, improving patient outcomes and post-operative care.


In collaboration with experts from Eindhoven University of Technology and Demcon, Haermonics finalized their project by focusing on optimizing pericardial flushing. The subsidy from Metropoolregio Eindhoven played a pivotal role, providing resources and support to push the boundaries of medical technology. Through the use of software simulations and physical test setups integrating a pericardium into a complete heart model, Haermonics fine-tuned their design for maximum effectiveness.

Luc Koch, CTO at Haermonics, expressed excitement about the project’s success, stating, “With the support of the Metropoolregio Eindhoven subsidy, we have successfully optimized the pericardial flushing design. This achievement sets new standards in post-operative care and demonstrates our commitment to patient safety and well-being.”

Haermonics’ breakthrough advancements position them as leaders in postoperative flushing therapies and monitoring solutions for cardiothoracic surgery patients. The successful project marks a significant milestone, with the potential to transform patient care and improve outcomes in the field.

Haermonics extends gratitude to Metropoolregio Eindhoven for their support and acknowledges the contributions of experts from Eindhoven University of Technology and Demcon. With the project’s completion, Haermonics is poised to translate their innovative findings into delivering cutting edge solutions for postoperative care, furthering their mission of enhancing patient safety and well-being.